Introducing, The Center for Healthy Mamas!

The Center for Healthy Mamas

Imagine a center where you as a mama come to meet other amazing women, get inspired and supported. A place to grab a cup of coffee, a healthy snack, sit down and read a book or listen to an interesting lecture. A place where there are professionals present to support you in becoming an even more vibrant, energetic and healthy version of you. Not only that, but somewhere there will be child-care to support you in creating the time to relax and take care of you!

Introducing The Center for Healthy Mamas, an initiative of Fit & Fabulous Moms!

Where? The Hague, Netherlands
When? 2020
For who? Health oriented mamas and professionals

Are you a health-oriented parent or professional and want to contribute to the development of the The Center for Healthy Mamas?
Brainstorm sessions are being held in June to gather input and give form to the center. If you’d like to participate, please call/app or e-mail and I’ll be in touch.
Looking forward to meeting you! Johanne
+31 6 37 55 91 67